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Cliff Palace is an abandoned Indian ruin that once housed a thousand people is shown in This Commercial Landscape Photograph Of Cliff Palace Indian Ruins By Brian Buckner photography, Shreveport.

Cliff Palace Ledge Overlook, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado Plateau, USA

Cliff Palace Indian Ruin Is A UNESCO World Heritage Site. It Is Shown Under Purple Rain Clouds As A Storm Blows Out In Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. Again, A Quality Near Object Such As The Orange Lichen Dotted Rock Provides The Viewer Interest And An Anchor Point From Which To Enter The Photograph. Making The Viewpoint High And Overlooking The Scene Gives The Feeling Of Being There. The Troubled Purple Sky And The Solitude Of The Abandoned Dwellings Create A Sense Of Aloneness But Not Necessarily Loneliness. Climbing On Ruins Is Damaging And Never Done. However, Climbing To Achieve The Best Camera Placement And Perspective Can Be Dangerous But Rewarding. Caution And Safety Always Come First. Small Apertures And Slow Shutter Speeds Work Best With Heavy Tripods To Get The Depth Of Field And Sharpness Needed In This Commercial Landscape Photograph Of Cliff Palace Indian Ruins By Brian Buckner photography, Shreveport, Louisiana.