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Company Overview

Making you, your company and it's associated products look their absolute best through innovative cutting-edge commercial photography is the business of Brian Buckner Photography. Brian is a professional commercial photographer and the recipient of numerous awards. He maintains a flexible style and diverse skills along with the latest technology needed to address the varying needs of all his clientele.

No effort is spared in the time or details used to insure that your team, operations and/or products are depicted as the natural selection that would be made by existing or new clientele. Your company will be depicted through commercial photography in a way that shows it as professional, profitable, clean and safe. If your company is environmentally friendly, that as well will be shown by creative and professional imagery.

Architectural interpretations showcase properties to their fullest potential. Aerial photographic images provide a unique perspective. Hospitality, travel and dining photography represent your destinations' services, amenities and dining experiences as a place people will want to return to again for entertainment and relaxation.

Fashion and glamour work represent the model and their attire in the most favorable manner.

Our wide array of portrait styles range from business setting presentations to more intimate gift portraiture. Senior, infant/child and family photography allows for a myriad of ways to interpret timeless moments. This is accomplished in both a professionally appointed studio environment and/or outside in diverse settings used to tell your personal story the way that best fits you.
If your needs for photography surpass the mere recording of a moment and the imagery you seek is something that sets itself apart from the norm, we invite you to call Brian Buckner Photography. We remain excited about the opportunity to help you realize your goals through superior photographic imagery.

The Photographer

Brian is a full-time commercial photographer, juried artist and writer who makes his home with his wife, Edie, in Shreveport, Louisiana. He is the recipient of numerous photographic awards. His flexibility in style provides diverse interpretations that seamlessly integrate with his client's projects and visions. Brian uses his skills as an artist combined with the technology of photography to transform day-to-day life into extraordinary images. Brian's range of styles promises success for your project whether it be your once in a lifetime event, your drilling rig in action tripping pipe, the unveiling and promotion of your latest services/products or simply a great photograph of yourself or your family. Brian is a photojournalist who is available for assignment.


Brian's goal as an artist and a person is to capture and share superior images through the medium of photography that not only transcend but enhance their moment in time based on their quality and uniqueness.