Brian Buckner Photography | Architectural Photography | Alcove Stone Wall At Long House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

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This adobe wall built to provide an alcove at Long House has exquisite chinking and stone work at Mesa Verde National Park In This Commercial Landscape Photograph By Brian Buckner Photography.

Alcove Stone Wall At Long House, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

At Long House, Ancient Peoples Have Built An Intricately Chinked Stone Wall That Follows The Contours Of The Overhang It Was Constructed Beneath In Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. While Working Within The Dark Confines Of Ruins, You Must Wait For Indirect Sunlight Or Make Your Own Light Using Strobes. Indirect Light Is Key And In These Tight Places So Are Short Focal Lengths For Great Detail That Covers The Entire Scene. Composition Is Paramount As Is Finding And Isolating The Intricate And Intimate Architectural Details As Shown In This Commercial Architectural Landscape Photograph Of Indian Ruins By Brian Buckner Photography, Shreveport, Louisiana.