Brian Buckner Photography | Flowers and Foliage

Flowers and Foliage That Are Unusual In Color, Shape, Form, Environment and Type Are Depicted Here With Various Artistic Treatments Such As Color Contrast, Focal Contrast and Repetition.

Silver Pool, Westdale, Louisiana

Silver Pool, Westdale, Louisiana

Rushing Waters Of The Glome , Cedar Creek, Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas

Water Rushes Down Cedar Creek After A Spring Rain At Petit Jean State Park In Arkansas In This Commercial Landscape Photograph By Brian Buckner Photography, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Red Poppies And Purple Larkspur, "Three Hatted Ladies", Shreveport, Louisiana

Poppies And Larkspur Are Joined As The Three Hatted Ladies  In This Artistic, Stylized Commercial Photograph Of Mid-Summer Flowers By Brian Buckner Photography, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Cabbage White Butterfly On Indian Blanket Flower, Shreveport, Louisiana

A beautiful  cabbage white butterfly rests on a Indian Blanket flower drinking nectar In This Composition Of A Peaceful Nature Photograph By Brian Buckner Photography, Shreveport, Louisiana.

Fiery Companions

Here, Three Dried Guajillo Peppers Receive Only Back Light.  Flags Were Used To Prevent Unwanted Flare And Light Spread in this commercial product advertising photograph by Brian Buckner Photography.

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